From Broken Pieces to Master Peace (Paperback)

  • March 19, 2020




Melissa was born in the early ’90s on the small island of Jamaica. To most, it appeared that she lived a privileged life. She had both parents in the home, who held stable jobs and drove beautiful cars, and who seemed to have life figured out.

The pride that culminated in her prestigious life was the status her parents guarded for being members of a prominent Pentecostal church in Kingston. However, behind all the hallelujahs, Melissa was wrestling with dark demons, and the reoccurring thought of suicide seemed to be the only solution to her adolescent issues. She endured many instances of abuse, and as a result, developed a sharp tongue and a rebellious nature. She used that as the occasional and sometimes unmerited, weapons of defense.

Melissa knew she could not continue to live life regrettably. So when her family moved to the United States in 2007, she believed that this was the perfect opportunity to start fresh.

Life grew tumultuously worse. With a birth, a death, several heartbreaks and an interaction with the police, will Melissa ever gain the peace that she so desperately craved?

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