6 Ways to Work With Your Anxiety

Like many other Millenials these days, I struggle with anxiety. It can flare up from the most honest thought like,

“What could happen tomorrow,” to the most severe thing like, “Will I subconsciously have feelings when I die?

Will I be buried 6 feet under and fight to scream as my casket was being lowered into the ground?


Will it be an out of body experience?


Will my life restart, washing away all my old memories?”

As you can see, I started going down a rabbit hole. An uneasy feeling is in the pit of my stomach, and my underarms are a bit moist, just writing about this.

Anxiety isn’t a death sentence; many people, like myself, live with it. I did a little research and came up with six ways to live peacefully with anxiety:

1. Breathe

When things get complicated, and you become overwhelmed with situations that are less than what you expected, take a break. Step away from the mayhem. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and breathe. Focus on the air as it fills your lungs, and as it leaves your mouth. Try that for about 45 seconds to a minute.

2. Acceptance

Learn how to accept the things that you cannot change. Control plays a massive part in my anxiety. I always feel the need to try and fix everything, and usually, it leaves me feeling more stressed than it did in the beginning. Remember, we can only change ourselves (talking to myself too), and not the things around us. Focus on being a better you.

3. Stay Positive

You saw how easy it was for me to move from one wrong thought to the next, with each lousy thought even worse than the last. Musings like that add more stress, which in return breaks you down. Surround yourself with position thoughts and people.

4. Understand Yourself

Pay attention to the things that trigger your anxiety and avoid them at all costs. If they are unavoidable, come up with healthy ways to deal with them. Create a journal documenting the things that cause you to feel the way you do. Over time, review it and identify your triggers.

5. Disconnect

Social Media gives me anxiety, even though I know that not everything posted isn’t real! Seeing other people’s success sometimes makes me feel like I’m not doing enough or that missed an opportunity to do something great with my life. Then before you know it, the twisted road of anxiety begins again. It is ok to take a break from things and even people that make your anxiety flare-up.

6. Talk to Someone

It is always good to confide in a close family member or friend, but if that doesn’t work out, it’s ok. You can always speak with a therapist. The Taboo Behind Therapy is dated. Sometimes a professional will provide insight that we need to handle our anxiety better. I’ve done it, and it helped tremendously.

There are things we may never understand and the time we take worrying about things we can’t control, is the less time we enjoy this one life we have to live.

Don’t know where to start? I found a tool that can help you find a therapist in your area. Just click here.

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