A Love Lost

His mystery was what captivated me.
His love was limitless.
His passion was more than words could describe.
But He just wasn’t enough.

Every time I fought to get away,
He’d pull me back in.
And the more He embraced me,
Is the more I strayed.

With all said and done,
I was trying to fill a void,
That only He could conceal.

I still felt all alone.
I still felt worthless.
I still wanted more.

I searched high and low,
When all I ever needed,
Was right in front of me.

Like the dog with the bone,
Who saw his reflection in the river,
I dived in after what appeared to be greater.
I ran away from the love of my life,
And destroyed the plan He had for me.

Only He would wipe my tears,
When things went south.
Only He would comfort my soul.
Only He would make me whole.

But I realized too late.
He couldn’t stick around anymore.
I took Him for granted,
And He left me all alone.

No begging or pleading would change anything.
He was GONE!! 

Now He’s just a distant memory;
A figment of my past.
A love lost.


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