Mr. Right………Now

You get those butterflies in your stomach when you think about him.

He’s everything you thought and dreamed of.

He is the piece that completed you.

He is fine. All that deliciousness stuffed in that 6’4″ physique, and oh my God, he was chocolate. Based on the broad shoulders you see protruding through his blazer, you know he spends some time in the gym.
As if his looks aren’t enough, he is kind, gentle, patient, all those godly qualities that most women are drawn to. And on top of that, girl, he goes to church.

Side Note: Let me just be real. Growing up in the church, if a man like this ever walked through the doors, he would have a target smack-dabbed in the middle of his back. Let us women catch him seriously worshipping, he would probably leave with a fiancé and a tentative wedding date.

He is the type of guy that would make you look at him over the brim of your glasses because clearly, he has altered your vision. He, without a doubt, knows how to put himself together. That Italian cut suit hugged him in all the right places.

He knows the right words to say and immediately you believe that he’s your gift from God. After all those years of patiently waiting and doing what you thought was right, your Prince is finally here.

Any minute now, he’s bound to pop the question that will forever change your life.
You have already started planning what you want your wedding to be like, how many kids you want to have, organizing family traditions and vacations because you are so confident that this is it for you.

You know all the women around you are going to hate what’s about to happen and that makes you even more excited. All those girls ran off and got married for one reason or another and they all looked down at you because you were waiting for “the one”.

Well, you’re about to get the last laugh because it is finally your time! Mrs. Right has a certain click to it. You can’t wait for all the positive attention you’re going to receive from all of this.

The only problem is:
He doesn’t want to marry you. He doesn’t even love you. In fact, you were just his rebound. He doesn’t see wifey qualities in you and can’t see himself spending forever with you. He’s always been there for you physically, but that’s about it. You were more like friends with benefits and not the woman who could possibly be the one to “hold him down”.

He wasn’t praying for you or thinking about your soul. He might have been in church but that was just a ploy to add another notch to his belt.

He felt sorry for your life struggles and wanted to do what he could to make you happy, but loving and marrying you was taking things too far.

He wanted all the benefits of a wife, without actually having you as a wife.

So you ended up wasting years with someone who you truly valued, only to get tossed by the wayside because you weren’t “the one”.

You probably felt that this was as good as it was going to get for you. Maybe you made a few mistakes in your past and he was the one you thought would accept you; faults, baggage and all.

Now you’re lonely and depressed and will probably do any and everything to get out of that funk. You may want to jump back on the saddle and find someone else to drown out all your pain and sorrow (not a great idea by the way).

You may even become bitter and hatred will start to spew from your guts. You will hold every guy accountable for the pain you feel and may begin labeling them all as “dogs”.

The truth behind all of this is that you have to value yourself. Stand for something or fall for anything. It doesn’t matter how attractive a situation is, it is not worth giving up your soul for. Set boundaries and know your limits. Strengthen and build your character so you can decipher Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.

Mr. Right Now will sway and persuade you to walk away from your core values and make you second guess yourself, but Mr. Right will honor your requests and stand by your beliefs.

We have all had one or a few Mr. Right Now’s in our time, but there comes a time when every woman has to open their eyes and start making better decisions. You are only attracted to Mr. Right Now because he can give you what you want RIGHT NOW!

It’s time to change your thought process and step into your purpose. Boast your values proudly and wear your strengths on your sleeves. You will not continue to be a toy, that is used and manipulated for the benefit of someone else’s sick pleasures. You are a strong woman, with aspirations to love and to care and the more you give your all to Mr. Right Now, is the less you will have to share when Mr. Right comes along.

Yeah, I know it’s hard to walk away, especially with all the pain that you feel, but the truth is that only God and time can heal all wounds. So pick yourself up by your bootstraps, shake off that dust and prepare yourself spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally for Mr. Right, now.

Peace and love ladies,

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