Be Careful What You Pray For

Everyone’s had that moment at some point in their lives. You know, that moment when you feel like your walls are crashing down and everything around you is failing. You see your life changing in front of your eyes and you can’t do a thing to change it. You’re anxious, exhausted and stressed because your back is against the wall and your faith has now turned into hopelessness.You have prayed fervently and things haven’t gotten an better, or so you think.

Just remember that everything happens for a reason. Do you remember that prayer you prayed for peace? Do you remember that prayer for change? How about the prayer for God to have His way? Or the one where you told Him to do whatever it took to make you whole?

You see, He doesn’t always answer prayers the way we would often times expect, but He will always do His best to make sure we get the lesson, while He removes our mess to make way for our blessing. So be mindful when you pray, because you may just receive what you asked for.

I found myself upset, angry, infuriated, (yes, I know they all mean the same thing, but thats just how I was feeling) when God answered one of the hardest prayers I’ve ever prayed, not realizing that He has had my back and had supported my vision since Day 1. He was clearly just giving me what I had prayed for.

I believe that God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him and because I opened up my heart and to Him, He did good by me.

Two or three weeks ago, there was something brewing inside me. This thing was eating at me for years. It took my joy, livelihood and peace was no where in sight.

One day I just couldn’t take it anymore and while in my car, I just EXPLODED!! Not with tears, nor with cursing, but with a real, honest, open, loud prayer that caused drivers next to me to wonder if I was having a conversation on my phone or just going straight crazy.

I went straight “Jamaican” on God (not in a bad way) and told Him everything that I was feeling and how much I hated what I was going through and how I wanted change. I told Him that I saw the error of my ways and that I no longer wanted to live in my mess, but I also wanted to see the blessings He had in store for me.

I took my prayer very lightly. in fact, I didn’t feel a burden lift off of me after I prayed. I swept that prayer underneath the rugs of my heart.

Fast forward to one night recently, all hell broke loose. Everything started falling apart. My life seemed as though it was about to end. Heads spun, voices rose, and intuitions were read. Feelings were hurt, and pasts were becoming presents. Forever turned into never ever and then there was peace.

Peace that passeth all understanding kinda peace. That heavy burden that I was carrying around for so long, instantly left and even though the feeling was bittersweet, it was what I’d prayed for and God miraculously allowed it all to come to pass.  

Next, on Real and Raw with Jesus, Jesus and I will be discussing the notion of healing. How does it work? Is it effective? When will it kick in? Join us next time as we embark on another journey in discovering God’s Will in our lives.





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