Whose Rights?? Our Rights!!

I have been following the political campaign for a while now and I have seen some good candidates, some great ones, and some not so nice ones. I am now 24 and never have my eyes been opened, politically speaking, like the way they are opened now. I have had time to watch the most recent debate, and keep up with the media and honestly, I am intrigued with the level of studity that I have seen coming from The Donald (Donald Trump). It may seem strange, but his senseless comments have allowed me to look more closely at the issues at hand and I am actually interested in Politics.

Hilary Clinton, another candidate running, has been focusing on affordable education, raising middle-class income, providing quality child care, building substantial savings for retirement, among many other things. The thing is, these things all matter to me 100%. As a current graduate student, I know how student loans can affect the quality of life and there has to be more to life than paying the government money that they use to aid unnecessary wars, like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am now, more than ever before, more interested in the well-being of all women and children who are affected by these situations. While I’m not trying to be the next President of the United States, I do believe that I can impact my community positively by being an advocate for change.

First step. Find a local organization that shares the same interests.

Second step. Learn how to make the changes I want to see.

Third step. Make that change!!

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