Horrible New Year’s Resolutions

It always feels great to be successful. After all no one wants to fail. But let’s be real, we are at that time of year again when everybody is ready to make those New Years resolutions that fall through before the month of February starts. Stop lying to yourself! We can’t go in a new year with the same old mentality.  But I must admit that I do enjoy seeing all the hilarious resolutions online. The things people do never ceases to amaze me.

So let’s take a look at the possible 2015 New Year’s Resolutions that we may see on social media in the next few days.

The number one resolution

  • I’m gonna hit that gym and work on that summa body!


HA! If I had a penny for every time I heard that one…..

  • I’m gonna eat more healthy and take good care of myself

(Until I drive by the next McDonalds) LOL


  • I’m gonna cut off all the negativity and only surround myself with positive people

(Until I realize that they are all the friends I got) lol

  • I’m gonna give my life to the LORT (Lord lol)

(Until that fine pastor’s son decide to come to his senses and holla at me)


  • I’m gonna find me a new guy/girl

(Until the week before Valentine’s Day)

  • I’m gonna stay away from the drama
  • I’m gonna work on being the best me that I can be

(Until that chick says the wrong thing, then all bets are off!!)

  • I won’t get arrested (AGAIN)
  • I won’t twerk it for some change cuz I’m too much of a DIVA for that
  • I won’t scam nobody on Instagram with those MoneyPak cards


  • I won’t have no more babies this year
  • I’m gonna try and make peace with my baby daddy/mama

The list goes on……..

The reality is, I’ve heard all these resolutions before. And quite frankly they don’t really surprise me. In fact, I think I need new friends LOL

But on a serious note, have a great New Year everyone, and even if you plan to break your resolutions after a few days or a few hours lol, still make them. There has to be some good there!

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